Oculus Events – Throwing Shapes for Charity

Electronic dance music has taken the nation by storm over the last decade or so, slowly filtering from the underground and into the mainstream. I use this broad (and often misinterpreted) term to illustrate just how diverse this creed of modern music really is; Deep House, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Bassline and sadly EDM just to name a few, all fall under this umbrella.

The latest electronic craze to hit swathes of ravers square in the face is Tech House. While it may have been around for a quite some time, it’s growing popularity becomes apparent when even grandma can distinguish a Tech banger from the pool of swirling genres.

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Return of the DJ – An Evening with Joshua

The term “DJ” is thrown around an awful lot these days, a symptom of a burgeoning fascination with rave culture in both the mainstream and underground circuits, peddled by the influx in social media’s popularity and accessibility.

Birmingham is one such city that has capitalised on this notion without the sacrifice of a local identity. Most of the city’s most popular nights are now run by local brands built on a dedicated sense of community and set ideology conducive to the preservation & growth of the scene.

Rather than competing with its London cousin, it offers an alternative to those wishing to escape the capital’s growing saturation. But with so much choice available to the punters, both DJ and promoter are now looking to create new and unique experiences; whether it be large scale set pieces, grandiose dress up themes or nods to the nostalgia of the past, the game is changing.
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Radio Feature: REPREZENT ESSEX – DUBZ & WUBZ Minimix

A bass driven minimix drawing on jungle beats, classic breaks and deep wubs – showcasing heavyweight tracks from Birmingham natives Nuvaman, Goosensei and Itmek among selections from other dub-scape veterans.

Originally Aired on REPREZENT ESSEX, giving a voice to the youth of Essex and the wider London area. Listen to the full feature below, featured on the 11pm-midnight “4×4” show:

Welcome to The Acid Experiment.

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Dissertation Survey Data (Public)

A survey carried out to further inform claims and statistics contained within my dissertation. It highlights the way in which specific demographics interact with current music formats like mp3, CD and vinyl. To access the data for the “Music Distribution and Consumption” survey and dissertation please follow the links below:

Music Distribution and Consumption Survey

Dissertation – Local Record Stores and Their Relation to Widely Publicised Global Vinyl Sales: ‘Triumph, Downfall & Renaissance’ in Birmingham (2016)