Bonafide Mag: UK Nightlife – Where Does The Party Go From Here? Long Read

A familiar story is emerging and repeating: staple venues battle against the threat of closure, amid a complex web of legal debates and tenuous relationships. Operators, promoters, law enforcement, and council representatives, among a number of other voices, struggle to see eye to eye. Members of the public and media outlets falling on either side of the conversation, or somewhere in between. A haze of ambiguity hangs in the air leaving many to wonder, where the fuck does it all go from here?

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Counteract: Digbeth Dining Club and MOHO team up for Easter Sunday street closure, Event Preview

Digbeth Dining Club, Birmingham’s independent food kings, have teamed up with dank-swag club brand MOHO for an arts-centric takeover hosted by ‘This Is Street’ – a new addition to the city’s growing line-up of creative thinkers and culturally conscious brands. So far very little has been announced but expect street sounds, food, art and a bit of street fashion to take over Digbeth on Sunday, April 1st.

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Skiddle: PLAYdifferently at Printworks London, Event Review

PLAYdifferently’s ethos is simple: the tools used to mix and perform should be as creative and unique as the artists that use them.

Brainchild of Allen & Heath specialist Andy Rigby-Jones and music tech maestro Richie Hawtin, (and in conjunction with the event) the MODEL 1 “performance instrument” has now been toured all around the world, allowing artists to achieve stunning fluidity and unparalleled individuality in their sets – so when this touring exhibition collided with the hulking and scene-reviving Printworks, magic was destined to happen.  Continue reading

Counteract: Clubs, Drugs and Revoking Licences – We Need to Talk, Feature

Birmingham City Council has revoked the Rainbow Venues’ license in a bold move akin to the Fabric controversy, that to many, still seems fresh. Venue safety and security, the war on drugs, and the future of club culture have once again been called into question with strong views surfacing on all sides – and with it, some lessons too. While any death is clearly tragic, is closing influential venues the answer?

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Skiddle: Portal w/ Jamie Jones & Skream at CRANE Birmingham, Event Review

CRANE – a whole new party entity – has been generating something of a buzz, in and outside of the Birmingham area. Opening back in September, the venue has already hosted a diverse line-up of not just music, but everything from food exhibitions to light festivals. But words and critique can only achieve so much; experiencing the venue in full rave swing, it’s fair to say the hype is justified.

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tmrw Magazine: Listening Sessions Label – A Shift in the Birmingham Narrative, Feature

Amongst dilapidated warehouses, secluded backstreets, and decaying memories of an industrial boom city, a compelling integration of Birmingham diversity, and creativity, is underway. a central hub for those keen to express their vision, building on the notion that this “second” city has something more to offer – that ‘something’ is listening sessions.

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The Ransom Note: Interpol at The Alexandra Palace, Live Review

Emerging to a hopeful crowd, composed, sharp suits adorned. A moody, deep red emanates from the stage, silhouetting the members of the band with understated intensity, echoing the now unmistakable artwork of Interpol’s seminal album debut, ‘Turn On the Bright Lights’. An album that marks the beginning of one the most important sounds of the 00’s post-punk revival, and a chilling reminder of the paranoia, uncertainty, and confusion endured in a post-9/11 New York City.

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Boiler Room: Best Festival Anecdotes

An amusing anecdote I submitted to Boiler Room, selected alongside some other finalists as part of their “Best Festival Anecdotes” competition:

Innocently walking the festival pathway I came upon some lads brandishing a bag of Haribo’s and a small bottle of “XXX” chilli sauce. The challenge, they told me, was to eat a pinprick amount of the ominous red liquid in exchange for a Haribo, the catch? No grimacing allowed, you had to take the heat like a boss, show no pain, show no fear.

Fortunately, I’m exceptionally robust when it comes to hot dining and took the pinprick of heat without a hitch. Unfortunately at this point, oozing with swagger, my booze-induced bravado got the better of me.

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